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  • SUN DRIED PRODUCT: Nectar Superfoods Sun Dried Veggie Chips are natural vegetables in Sun Dried Form and Air Fried using Olive oil at low temperature to sprinkled with blend of herbs, tasty spices and condiments
  • ALMOST OIL FREE : Vegetables roasted in natural sun light are sprinkled with herbs using less than 0.1% ( 2-3 ml for every 1 kg of chips )  of virgin Olive oil cooked at room temperature
  • LOW TEMPERATURE AIR FRYING : Air frying process happens at low temperature to avoid harmful effects of high temperature frying
  • LOW FAT HIGH FIBRE: Veggie Chips contains an ultra low amount of fats, carbohydrates and high amount of fibres

Minus Quantity

Nectar Superfoods Sun Dried-Air Fried-Potato Magic-Potato Chips

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