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This product tastes great in sauces or on its own as a dip. Order in bulk for festivals, weddings, food drives, business orders, or anything else you need it for.  


Water, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Salt, Isolated soya protein, Thickening agent (IN1442, INs1450), Acidity regulator (INS260, INS330, INS270), stabilizer (INS415, INS412), Preservative (INS202, INS211), Sequesterant (INS 385), and Antioxidants (INS 319).

Shelf life

Six months from date of manufacture.


The product can be stored at room temperature. You do not need to refrigerate the product, even after opening the pack. Freezing the product is not recommended.

Terms of Service

  •       We do not allow returns to the vendor.

  •       We will replace your damaged goods for free.

  •       You will receive products with a shelf life greater than 50%. Due to this, we will not replace products on the basis of shelf life.

Vegan mayo - Wholesale

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