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The best tasting vegan cheese is hard to find.

That's why this vegan cheese exists! It's the most delicious tasting vegan cheese in India, and it's easier to enjoy.

This cheese contains white truffle oil, which is an earthy, aromatic ingredient made from dried truffles (that's similar to mushroom) and it's what gives this product an incredibly flavourful twist on the classic mozzarella. It's a best seller for a reason.

Have it on a cracker, spread it over toasted bread, throw it over a salad, make an Italian herb and cheese dip, make a grazing platter, or just have it on its own because it's really that good.


Keep refrigerated for upto 3 weeks.


Cheese: cashew, Peanut, Water, Tapioca, Salt, Agar
Marinade: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Truffle Oil, Garlic, Herbs

Vegan mozzarella cheese - 225 gm | Truffle

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